Bromantane, pure chemical 99%

CAS No.: 87913-26-6

Bromantan – what is it?

Bromantan is a derivative of amatadine (an antiviral drug). In the professional scientific literature, we can encounter the names Bromantane Bromontan; ADK-709. In Russia, Bromantan was produced and sold as a drug under the trade name Ладастен or Ladasten. This compound exhibits a number of extremely beneficial properties. It acts as a nootropic, so it improves mental abilities. Its adaptogenic properties allow it to simultaneously have a stimulating effect and reduce anxiety, as well as anxiety and stress. Hence – use of the product is not accompanied by excessive agitation. The compound also has actoprotector activity. Specifically, it increases the body’s exercise capacity without generating more body heat or increased oxygen demand.

The preparation is sold in Russia under the name Ladasten.

Bromantan – application

Undoubtedly, bromantan has an excellent effect on the physical and mental performance of the body. It enhances athletic performance, promotes post-workout recovery, and reduces feelings of fatigue. It has a beneficial effect on mental performance, and as a result, supports memory and concentration. In addition to supporting learning, the formula improves stress endurance and provides excellent mental well-being. It certainly differs from other stimulants by having a longer duration of action and no irritating or over-stimulating effect.

The product provides tranquility and mitigation of the body’s negative response to stress. By inference – this is ideal for those people who experience over-stimulation after using nervous system stimulants.

Mechanism of action of bromantan

The compound inhibits the reuptake of dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine. Second, bromantan increases GABA neurotransmission. As a result, it enables increased resistance to stress and provides mood stabilization. Since the product stimulates the phenomenon of neuroplasticity in the brain’s hippocampus, it promotes the transformation of short-term to long-term memory. This means being able to promote memorization and learning processes. The use of the product is not accompanied by the risk of addiction and the development of tolerance in the body.

Dosage of bromantan

The recommended dose of the product is 50-100 mg. The first effects can be felt in as little as 30-60 minutes, while the average duration of the product is 6-10 hours. The compound is lipophilic in nature, in summary – it is fat-soluble. For this reason, it is recommended to take it accompanied by a meal containing fat.


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